Learn how to paint window frames

Read our guide to achieving perfectly painted window frames.

Once your windows are prepped and primed you are ready to paint. Follow our guide for a professional-looking result:

1) First, check the weather to ensure there are dry conditions forecast. Freshly painted windows should be left open to dry so we recommend you start this job as early in the morning as possible to allow lots of drying time.

2) Any locks and handles should have been removed before priming, but if any hardware still remains on your windows, now is the time to remove them or cover with masking tape.

3) If you are worried about getting paint on the glass, use painters tape to create a barrier around the edge of the glass. If you do get paint on the glass, don not worry. Once the paint has dried, this can be easily scraped off with a scraper (available from hardware stores).

4) You are ready to start painting! We recommend you start with the glazing bars first (the frames that separate and hold in the panes of glass). Paint the horizontal pieces first, and then move on to the vertical ones.

5) Next, move onto the rails. The rail is the horizontal part of the frame at the top and bottom of the window sash – they contain the grooves that hold the windowpanes. When painting the rails, aim to leave a very thin overlap of paint between the glass and the frame. This creates a seal to prevent any putty or filling material from drying out.

6) Finish by painting the window frame and windowsills. You will want to give these sections at least two coats of paint, so give yourself plenty of time to let each coat dry before painting the next.

7) When your window frames are completely dry, all that’s left to do is reattach the locks and handles, then stand back and admire the view!

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