Five ideas for creating a romantic retreat

Add passion with soft lighting, textured fabrics and rich hues.

1. Paint a delicate lace effect

Creating a beautiful lace effect is easy to do. You can either buy a stencil kit from your local craft shop or make your own.

Before you attach the stencil to the wall with masking tape, it’s best to measure then mark the wall with a pencil to be sure that the stencil is perfectly straight. Then paint over the stencil using a roller or paint brush.

2. Dress up your bed with soft fabrics

Add a touch of magic by creating a canopy around your bed. Beautifully draped fabrics will help to capture the light and create a soft, romantic effect.

3. Paint rich, sultry colours

Romance and drama go hand in hand, so why not wrap yourself up in deep, sultry shades. Dark teal will intensify the atmosphere, while rich red exudes passion. You could try decorating the whole room in one of these deep, dramatic hues or go for a touch of drama with a feature wall or accent.

4. Luxuriate in sumptuous fabrics

Layers of luxurious materials add a wonderful romantic air. Choose linen, soft furnishings and cushions in sumptuous fabrics, such as velvet, silk and faux fur.

5. Play with light and shade

Instead of one bright light overhead, use a few different light sources to bring focus to different points around the room, placing lamps with soft shades on side tables or a reading light by an armchair to create a cosy corner.

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