Express your style with a painted headboard

A painted headboard creates a fabulous focal point.

A painted headboard is a fabulous way to create an instant focal point in the bedroom. Here’s how to create this look:

1) Begin by choosing the colours that you would like to paint your headboard. We recommend choosing a base colour that compliments your existing room scheme. Then add a few complementary hues for the details.

2) With your bed in place, measure the size you would like your headboard to be. Use chalk to mark the outline of the headboard onto the wall. If you are unsure about drawing directly on the wall, you could try cutting the shape out of lining paper and using that as a template.

3) Move your bed away from the wall, and go over your chalk outline with your chosen base colour. Use a small decorators brush for the outline and a larger brush to fill in the centre.

4) Once your base colour has dried, use coloured chalk to outline any patterns you might like to create. Do not worry if your patterns are uneven – it will add to the personalised effect!

5) Once the paint is completely dry, move your bed back into position. You could even add a few cushions in accent colours to match your beautiful new headboard.

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