Warming Orange

Enter your comfort zone

The comforts of home are so familiar, yet returning home after a long day always feels so refreshing. A warm welcome home is a feeling we will never grow weary of.

Gentle orange glows of sunset and candlelight invite us to stay, calming our senses for what remains of the day.

Although many find orange to be a challenging colour to work with, the elusive orange shade that brings the best of your living space makes the search well worth it. 

Orange possesses a natural warmth that transforms any house into a cosy home. However you choose to decorate your home, whether influenced by modern or traditional styling, there will be an orange shade that complements your favourite furniture and houseware.

The diversity of shades explains the versatility of orange. Energise rooms with brighter tones of orange for a youthful, cosy home or blend earthy orange hues for an intimate setting.

With the right orange tone, you can create the desired moods to completely be yourself at home.


Dulux Peking Orange pairs well with dark wood and leather to help highlight different textures and tones within interiors.


Dulux Ambiance™ is ideal for creating desired moods with personalised decoration.

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