Turn up the style on your radiators

Radiators don’t always need to blend into the background, why not make them a stylish feature in your room ?

Elegant color blocking    

Create a modern and stylish living room by painting your radiator in a dark tone to match the walls. Choosing grey will give the room a sophisticated look and the matching radiator will add extra style. Try complementing the walls with a soft purple chair and keep the flooring light to balance the look. Finish with soft throws and accessories in muted tones for an elegant and relaxed space.

Which colors?

RN.01.38 / 30BB 16/031

Relax with neutrals   

Whites wall and warm neutral radiator

For a cozy yet contemporary space to luxuriate in, try painting the radiator in a warm neutral to complement your light taupe walls. Layering different tones of neutral shades creates a relaxed feel. Enhance this look with structured yet comfortable furniture and mood lighting. Using similar tones gives you a homely space, perfect for sitting back and reading a book.

Which colors?

DN.01.71 / 60YR 54/028
D0.03.56 / 60YR 33/047

If you’re looking for a bright and airy feel, try painting the walls and radiator a brilliant white. This creates a clean finish and as the walls reflect the light, the space flows tastefully. White gives you a perfect backdrop to show off beautiful furniture, so it’s time to arrange your favorite chair in prime position. Complete the tasteful look with soft pink throws and small pot plants that will frame the window.

Which colors?

GN.01.89/ 65YY 91/027
ZN.02.80 / 26RR 73/037

Your feature radiator

A light blue radiator underneath a window

If you’re looking to add a touch of color to a minimalist white room, try painting the radiator an uplifting color. A light blue grey livens up the space and creates a point of interest in the room and frames the window. Try de-cluttering and using a refined color palate to maximize the impact. To finish, a simple wooden chair and floor in a muted tone gives the space a Scandinavian feel.

Which colors?

S9.06.72 / 10BB 55/065
ON.00.90 / 81YR 85/004

For simple instructions on how to transform your radiator, take a look at our how-to video. 

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