Spark creativity with copper orange

Use orange in your home office to inspire and energise.

Energise and inspire

Orange is known to boost creativity and stimulate the senses but too-bright shades of orange can quickly become overwhelming. For a muted orange that is still invigorating, why not try decorating your home office in shades of copper orange? This warm hue will provide an energising backdrop while allowing you to focus on the task at hand.

Two-tone walls

In this home office, copper orange has been used on the lower half of the wall to help define the study space and draw the eye inwards. It has been blended beautifully into the top colour, a light clay orange, using a paint effect called ombre. The warmth of the copper orange creates an invigorating atmosphere while the light clay colour brings balance to the room. The ombre effect not only creates a statement look, it also helps to soften the divide between the two colours.

Add pops of colour

To finish the look, try adding surprising accents of colour through accessories, furniture and fabrics. Bright canary yellow contrasts wonderfully with copper orange and because it is a bold hue, you only need small pops of colour to really make an impact.

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