Rich Red

Awaken your desires

No colour moves us quite the same way red does. We are most alert on the roads where red tells us when to stop or look out for danger spots. Nothing excites us as much as a sea of red sale stickers when shopping. Roses and hearts best express the romance of red.

Intense and passionate, red creates a dramatic, strong impression for any room. While it evokes a multitude of emotions, depending on the shade, red can either assert an air of opulence or stimulate a pulse of energy.

While the rich character and charisma of red seem appealing, understandably you might not be ready to paint an entire room red just yet. Fret not because red still works its charm just as well with selected areas such as feature walls, ceilings and floors.

Red walls make a space feel smaller and enclosed. You can use earthy red shades to create a cosier and more intimate setting for larger spaces that may lack a touch of personal warmth.

A little red also goes a long way. Vibrant red accents excel in drawing attention to unnoticed places and creating focal points within your home.


Dulux O’Hara pairs well with ceilings, a bold red to make a statement amid simple decoration and furniture.


Dulux PureAir™ is ideal for energising rooms with red walls with clean and fresh air. 

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