Moving made easy with the Visualizer app

From viewings to moving day, finding a new home can be stressful. Our Visualizer app makes the process easier by helping you with key decorating decisions at every step of the way.

Make your next house viewing easy with the Visualizer app. It lets you try your favourite colours on the walls, helping you see the potential of a house, all from your phone or tablet. Discover how to make the most of the app during your moving journey with our guide.

House viewings

A home is one of the largest purchases most people will make in their lifetime. Yet ahead of making this big decision, we rarely see the property more than a few times.

It can be hard to imagine a house as yours with other people’s colour choices on the walls and their personal things in the room. So ahead of a viewing, try using the Visualizer app’s colour picking tool to select colours of furniture and accessories, like your favourite rug or a painting. The app will then match your chosen colour to the closest shade in over 2,000 Dulux colours and suggest a complementary palette.

When you’re out house viewing, use the Live Visualizer option on the app as you walk around to immediately apply your colours to the walls and get an idea of what palettes will and won’t work.

You can then save images of the house in your colours to look at after your viewing and even share them with friends and family to get their opinions. You can also use the Photo Visualizer option to take photos of the house during the viewing and then use them afterwards to experiment and plan your colours. 

Using colour swatches to help make decisions
Making decisions

Decision time

Having your own set of images of the houses you’re considering will help you make both big and small decisions, from whether to buy or not, to matching your current belongings with the walls. Reflecting on the images in your own time after you’ve seen multiple homes will give you a chance to compare them and try out rooms in different colour palettes.

Starting to paint

Making it yours

Once you’ve bought a property, preparation is key in making your move run as smoothly as possible and the Visualizer app can help with the finer details.

If you’ve narrowed down your palette and feel like you’d like to see the paint on your walls, use the app to order tester pots in your chosen colours. Alternatively, you can use the app to help you find the nearest stockists for your paints.

When you’re out buying new items for your home, you can use the app in-store to see if what you are selecting compliments the colours you’ll be painting your walls. 

Download the Visualizer app and take a look at our painting hacks to make decorating your new house as efficient as possible.

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