Introduce colour blocking in your home

Use blocks of rich colour to give your home instant vibrancy.

The colour blocking trend has leapt from the pages of fashion magazines onto the walls of our homes, with spectacular results. There are no hard-and-fast rules when it comes to picking colours, but if you want maximum impact, using contrasting shades is key. Try mustard yellow and a smoky, deep violet or emerald green and a crisp white. For a more subtle sense of depth, choose two complementary colours, such as steel grey and dusky blue.

A clever tip is to choose colours that already play a part in the space, as this will ensure a cohesive colour scheme. Painting a period home or a space with defined features? Choose one colour for the walls, another shade for your alcoves and a brilliantly bright hue for your chimneybreast. Anchor the look with accessories in similarly vivid colours.

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