How to use Dulux Colour of the Year 2019 in your home

Explore the versatility of Spiced Honey (Creme Brulee 00YY 26/220) and the different ways to use it in your home

Every year the colour experts at the Dulux Global Aesthetic Centre team up with design and societal trend forecasters to select the Dulux Colour of the Year 2019. This year our chosen shade is Spiced Honey (Creme Brulee 00YY 26/220) – a warm amber tone that reflects a new mood of positivity.

Spiced Honey (Creme Brulee 00YY 26/220) is a beautifully versatile colour that can create a whole range of moods, depending on the palette you combine it with. Take a look at this guide to using Spiced Honey (Creme Brulee 00YY 26/220) in your home and decide which colour palette suits your style best…

A soothing place to think

Above, the mood is subtly sophisticated, as Spiced Honey (Creme Brulee 00YY 26/220) sits with earthy ochres and cool greys, while black brings a graphic edge to the look

Which colours?
Creme Brulee 00YY 26/220
Padre Island 70YR 20/239

A calming place to dream

A Calming Spiced Honey living room

Seeking somewhere to get lost in the moment? Combine Spiced Honey’s (Creme Brulee 00YY 26/220) earthy notes with muted pastels, warm woods and tactile textiles to create the perfect soothing space for rest and reflection.

Which colours?
Barley Beige 30YY 68/024
Pictured Rocks 10YR 28/072
Creme Brulee 00YY 26/220

A cozy place to love 

Palette for a cozy kitchen

If you like to surround yourself with people and things that you love, this warm and inviting palette is for you. With its mix of pigment-rich shades, combined with simple wooden furniture, woven baskets and pottery, it creates a space where everyone feels at ease.

Which colours?
Creme Brulee 00YY 26/220
Amber Coast 50YR 23/365
Algonquin Red 30YR 13/471
Burgundy 11YR 07/229

A vibrant place to act

Palette for a vibrant bedroom

This palette is for those who want to create a energizing and zesty mood to get them bouncing out of bed in the morning. Spiced Honey (Creme Brulee 00YY 26/220) brings balance and harmony to a colour scheme that embraces bold brights, while lush indoor plants and edgy modern furniture complete the look.

Which colours?
White on White 30GY 88/014
Shanghai 29YR 19/621
Glistening Sea 50BG 62/133
Creme Brulee 00YY 26/220

Explore which colours work best with Spiced Honey (Creme Brulee 00YY 26/220), Dulux Colour of the Year 2019, and find a mood suit your home with the Dulux Visualizer app.

Disclaimer: Colour shown in the image may vary from actual paint colour due to lighting in photography. Please refer to Dulux Fan Deck at the retail outlets for more accurate colours.

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