How to paint windows and doors

Follow these simple steps to get your windows and doors looking like new again

From time to time, wooden windows and doors need a little love, care and attention. With Simply Refresh, we’ve made it quick and easy to give them a makeover. Our paint is also easy to clean and scratch resistant, so the transformations will last.

You’ll need:

  • Simply Refresh for windows and doors
  • Floor and furniture dustsheets
  • Triangular shave hook
  • Masking tape
  • Screwdriver
  • Cloth
  • Degreaser 
  • Sand paper and sanding block
  • Sealer
  • Brush
  • Small roller
  • Paint tray
  • Paint stirrer


Sanding a door
  1. Start by putting down dustsheets to protect your floor and any furniture that’s nearby then remove any old sealer and scrape off loose, flaky paint with a shave hook. Tape over or remove locks, hinges doorknobs, catches and handles.
  2. Next, give your woodwork a good clean with a degreaser to remove all traces of dirt, dust and grease and then let it dry. Lightly sand the wood down and wipe it again to remove the dust.

    Top tip: When sanding large flat surfaces like a door, use a sanding block to achieve a smooth and consistent finish.
  3. Mask off any edges where glass meets the frame, using a putty knife to tuck the tape neatly into the corners. Keep your knife pushed into place and tear the tape for crisp, neat lines. Also mask the edges of the frame that meet the wall, and apply fresh sealer around the edges where any glass meets the wood and smooth it out with a sponge. Refer to packaging for information on drying times.


Painting a door

With some of Dulux Range, there’s no need to apply primer, saving you time and money.

  1. Start by giving your Simply Refresh paint a good stir and then pour it into the paint tray. Using a brush, paint your window or door with your chosen color. If you’re painting a door, start with a brush for the detailed parts and then switch to a small roller for the larger areas. Use upward strokes to avoid dripping.
  2. Follow the recommended drying times, which can be found on the back of your paint tin before applying the second coat to your window or door. In between coats, simply put your brush and roller in a plastic bag to keep them moist, so you can use them again for your next coat without having to wash them.
  3. Let your newly painted window or door dry thoroughly before opening and closing it.


  1. Carefully peel off the masking tape and clean any paint that has got onto the glass.
  2. Remove as much paint as you can from your brush and roller and give them a thorough wash in water – there’s no need to use white spirit, as Simply Refresh is water based.
  3. Firmly close your paint tin and store it in a dry and frost-free environment.

Want to try something unusual for your doors and windows? Here are some ideas that might help you get creative. 

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