How to paint skirting boards in easy steps

Achieve the perfect finish for your skirting boards by following these seven simple steps

When painting a room, a freshly painted skirting is what can add that special touch to the end result. Our easy guide will help you get that professional finish.

What you’ll need:

Tools needed to paint skirting


  • Satin paint


  • Brush
  • Filler
  • Masking tape
  • Paint tray
  • Sand paper
  • Sponge

Additional items:

  • Dustsheet
  • Degreaser

1. Protect

Protecting the floor

It’s important to protect the area before you start, so cover the floor with a dustsheet

2. Tape

Masking along the wall

Mask the edges of the skirting board with masking tape to prevent paint getting on to the wall and floor.

3. Sand

Sanding the skirting

Sand the skirting board with fine sand paper.

4. Clean

Cleaning the skirting

Wipe down the freshly sanded surface with degreaser.

5. Fill

Applying filler to skirting

If there are any gaps between the skirting and the wall, you can apply sealer along the edge of the skirting board and smooth it out with a sponge. This will create a neat finish. Check the pack for information on drying times before you start to paint.

6. Paint

Applying paint to skirting

After the sealer has completely dried, apply two coats of paint with a small brush and check the can for information on drying times between coats.

7. Remove the tape

Removing masking tape from skirting

Finally, carefully remove the masking tape.

Then step back and enjoy your work! A neatly painted skirting can provide the perfect finishing detail to a room.

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