How to Live the Linen Trend

Homes are not just about colour—texture is just as important. Here’s how to add linen to every room in the house

Linen is one of those great textiles that has so many functions—it keeps reappearing on our catwalks (this time it’s because of the growing trend for everything organic), but nowhere does it look better than in your home.

This natural, bohemian-style fabric is the ultimate neutral that pairs well with brightly coloured furnishings and accessories. It will give your home a classic look that has timeless appeal.

Here are some ideas on how to work the linen trend into your interior design.


With all the harsh metals and cold stoneware that you usually find in kitchens, linen is the natural choice to soften up the ambiance. The obvious option is roman blinds, in a beige or mushroom tone. But think a little wider than that to your more everyday accents such as tablecloths and napkins. They will do more than just protect against spills, they reveal a lot about your personal style. 


The bathroom is not somewhere that you’d usually think of using linen, but why not change people’s expectations? Pure natural linen towels are a luxurious as well as practical addition: soft to touch (and they get softer over time), they are super-quick drying and long lasting. Opt for a classical-looking nautical theme—blue and white stripes—for timeless sophistication.

Living Room

Your main room is where you can have a lot of fun with your fabric choices. Be a little bit different and add a linen texture to your walls with this special effect paint from Dulux Ambiance. It has a unique textured finish that’s inspired by linen’s natural lines—plus it comes in dozens of colours so you can be creative.

Perhaps opt for just one wall in linen, and then combine it with a few linen touches throughout the rest of the room: linen upholstered chairs or a sofa.


Linen bedding is a trendy statement for one of the most inviting rooms in the house. It’s a cooling fabric, so perfect for those hot, humid nights, plus the fabric’s natural creases give the room a relaxed and casual vibe. It shows you’ve got a bit of beach style.

If you’re not so keen on the rustic, rustled look for your bed, simply scatter around a few linen cushions instead or perhaps choose an ornamental linen throw.

The global move back to raw, uncut, organic materials is a real plus for us fashion-conscious home lovers. Linen incorporates everything that is great about a design style: it’s natural, versatile and delightfully effortless. 

Dulux Ambiance special effects paint in Linen comes in 97 colours for a truly natural, textured finish.

#MyFutureWall is a Dulux Ambiance wall.

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