How to Add Romance to the Bedroom

Set a romantic mood for your bedroom with our beach-inspired style inspiration.

Create a soothing retreat for your tired soul that’s inspired by some of your best holiday memories.

Watch our short video, An Elegant Romance by Dulux Ambiance, to see how to style your romantic dreams.

Now Get the Look:

Inspired by a beach sunset, we’ve chosen intimate tones of teal and pink for our bedroom design, clashing these with trend-setting shades of blue and navy.

We chose to bring unique textures to the walls to add an extra warmth and depth to the room. Linen Rouge special effects paint by Dulux Ambiance is inspired by natural and rustic linen—its realistic texture feels like a natural coastal fabric for your walls.

The bottom half of the wall is coated in Velvet Silver Wave, a paint finish that’s inspired by the smooth and luxurious fabric for a touchable, velvety feel under your fingertips.

These timeless coastal tones are completed by natural woods—you can leave them in their natural state (for the bed for example), or paint the wood a calming white, for something like rustic-looking shutters or an ornamental chair.

The bed is the centrepiece of the room, fitted out with colours that match the walls. You could then complement this linen even further with soft stripes, woven textures and tassels for warm intimacy.

Finally, you could add a modern twist to this romantic atmosphere with little accents of copper—through some pendant lighting, or with a thoroughly modern bedside table.

The overall effect will be one of soft, personalised beauty that’s designed to emulate the most comforting of beachside retreats. 

Personalise your walls with the Dulux Ambiance range of special effects paints, where you’ll find Linen, Marble, Metallic, Velvet and ColourMotion finishes.

 #MyFutureWall is a Dulux Ambiance wall.

Looking to recreate the vintage look at home? Watch our video inspiration for A Vintage Vibe here

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