Usher good Qi into your home this 2019 with Feng Shui Master Kenny Hoo.

Learn how to get the best Feng Shui this year based on your Chinese Zodiac, explained by Master Kenny Hoo, founder of Good Feng Shui.

2019 is the Year of Integration, and the element of Earth is the most favourable this year. This makes amber earth-toned colours like our honey-inspired Colour of the Year (Creme Brulee 00YY 26/220) perfect for 2019 as it will help boost your luck and energy levels, particularly in the South and Central areas of your home. According to Master Kenny Hoo, those born in the year of Rat, Horse, Dragon, Tiger, and Monkey will experience positive developments in 2019 while those born in the year of the Ox, Snake, and Boar are advised against making major decisions this year.

To know more about your Feng Shui this year, download the Dulux Good Feng Shui Outlook & Success Booster e-booklet here.

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