Good Feng Shui 2018

The outlook & success booster brought to you by Master Kenny Hoo

A brand new year is upon us, so prepare to bring in success, luck and even more opportunity this year with Good Feng Shui 2018.

Feng Shui Master Kenny Hoo has shared this year’s BaZi and Gua charts, dubbing this year as “The Year of Consolidation”, where opportunities that came during 2017 helps gather pace and become even stronger.

Earth is the key element this year as shown in the annual BaZi chart. Earth plays an inportant role as a consolidating factor for greater harmony, prosperity and celebrity events and activities.

Good Feng Shui Colour of the Year is Pinkish-Brown, which reflects natural tones of wood as well as reflects a balanced state with Fire and Earth elements combined. Adding Pinkish-Brown to your home or workspace will help to boost one’s energy and luck this year.

To get the full GOOD FENG SHUI Outlook & Success Booster 2018, download the PDF here.

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