Go red for a passionate living space

Spice up your life with a Spanish-style living room.

Take inspiration from Spanish-style interiors

If you’re looking to inject your living room with a little more excitement, why not give it a Mediterranean makeover? The bold hues found in Spanish-style interiors are perfect for brightening dull spaces – think warm reds and rich oranges contrasted with accents of warm neutrals and ebony black.

Balance out the rich red with warm neutrals

The shade of red that you choose will influence the mood and atmosphere of the space. For a warm, welcoming feel, choose a red with a touch of orange in it, like this soft blush red. For a more dramatic look, go for a darker hue, like vermillion or crimson.

To balance out the rich tones of the red, accessorise the room with furniture and soft furnishings in warm neutrals and soft creams.

Layer fabrics for a luxurious feel

To enhance the lavish atmosphere, you might like to try layering different luxurious fabrics, such as sumptuous velvet and plush upholstery. The overall effect will be red, rich and opulent – the perfect warm and welcoming sanctuary.

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