Grey wall paint

Use fossil grey shade for a quick home makeover

It's the grey that doesn't shout but still says a lot.

Guess what? There's a shade that can cosy up any corner of your home without breaking a sweat. Meet Fossil Grey 30YY 56/060 – your go-to for that instant home refresh. It's the grey that doesn't shout but still says a lot. 


Why Fossil Grey?

So, why are people loving Fossil Grey 30YY 56/060? Here's the scoop:

Timeless Yet Trendy: There's something about Fossil Grey 30YY 56/060 that's just effortlessly classy. No matter what the latest Pinterest board shows this colour has this ageless charm that doesn't fade with the changing decor trends.

Fits Right In: Whether you've got a modern setup or a more classic feel at home, Fossil Grey 30YY 56/060 meshes well with all sorts of styles. It's like the friendly neighbour of colours - gets along with everyone!

Peaceful Ambience: If you're looking for a colour that calms the vibe of a room, this is it. Fossil Grey 30YY 56/060 has this cool, soothing effect that's just perfect when you want to relax and chill, making it a staple in your grey home décor.

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Fossil Grey Interior for Your Rooms

This colour adapts to you, your style, and all the little things that make your house a home. Whether it’s the quiet corner where you read, the bustling kitchen full of aromas, or that cosy nook where the family gathers for game night – Fossil Grey 30YY 56/060 sets the perfect scene for any grey home interior.

Let's walk through your home and see how this shade plays out in different rooms.


Dining Room 

In the dining room image, Fossil Grey 30YY 56/060 pairs beautifully with natural light and a classic wooden table, creating a clean and inviting area. The contrast of the white modern chairs pops against the grey, while a simple, elegant floor lamp stands as a statement piece of grey home décor.

Grey colour  walls

Kitchen Makeover

Moving on to the kitchen, the cabinetry painted in Fossil Grey 30YY 56/060 gives off a sleek, understated elegance. It works hand in hand with the warm wooden flooring and the marble countertop for a look that’s both contemporary and welcoming. Bar stools introduce a casual, functional element, perfect for quick meals or a chat over coffee.



In the bedroom scenes, Fossil Grey 30YY 56/060 provides a soothing backdrop for rest. It complements the soft bedding and natural wood accents, from shelving to bedside tables, offering a quiet retreat. Notice how the colour pairs with soft greens and creams, enhancing the room's calming effect.


Living Room 

In your living room, Fossil Grey 30YY 56/060 can anchor your style without overpowering it. Paired with a patterned rug, natural wood furniture, and a mix of beige and brown pillows, it creates a layered, inviting space that's just perfect for lounging or entertaining guests.



The bathroom shows off Fossil Grey 30YY 56/060 with a classic clawfoot tub, making a striking statement against the grey walls. Paired with minimalistic décor and white shelving, it crafts a space that feels both timeless and modern.

Bathroom walls

Home Office

Even the home office gets a touch of sophistication with Fossil Grey 30YY 56/060. It’s the perfect neutral for a focused work environment, especially when matched with natural wood desks and shelving. It’s a colour that says, 'Let's get down to business' but in the most stylish way possible.



Finally, Fossil Grey 30YY 56/060 in a hallway or a vignette, paired with a mid-century modern sideboard and eclectic décor, speaks to the versatility of this shade. It’s a backdrop that lets your favourite pieces shine, from vibrant green plants to rustic pottery.


Mixing and Matching with Fossil Grey 

One of the coolest things about Fossil Grey 30YY 56/060 is how well it plays with other colours. Pair it with pastel accents for a soft, dreamy vibe or go bold with some vivid blues or even mustard yellows for a splash of energy. It's like this colour knows exactly how to balance out the room's energy, no matter what you throw at it.


Caring for Your Fossil Grey Surfaces

Now, let's talk upkeep. Keeping your Fossil Grey 30YY 56/060 walls and surfaces looking fresh is a breeze. A gentle wipe with a damp cloth now and then, and those walls are back to being Instagram-ready. It's low-maintenance – because who needs extra chores?


Seasonal Updates with Fossil Grey 

Seasons change, and so can your decor vibes, even with a solid base like Fossil Grey 30YY 56/060. When autumn rolls around, complement the walls with rich reds and oranges for that cosy, 'let's snuggle with hot cocoa' feel. Spring? Time for those light pinks and floral patterns to bounce off the walls and bring that 'new beginnings' mood to life.

So, are you ready to roll out the grey carpet and give Dulux's Fossil Grey 30YY 56/060 the spotlight in your home makeover? Trust us, it’s a move you'll pat yourself on the back for. Go ahead, let your home shine in its new hue, and enjoy the endless possibilities it brings to the grey home interior.

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