The new & improved Dulux EasyClean™ range!

New Dulux EasyClean™ range delivers optimum washability with tough stain repellent technology that helps your walls stay clean and beautiful for longer.

The new Dulux EasyClean™range  formulated with the break-through KidProof Technology™**,  protects home walls with a unique protective layer that effectively resists tough stains*, preventing them from deeply penetrating into the paint film so they can be wiped easily, thus making cleaning easy.

Furthermore, with its Colourguard™ technology, Dulux EasyClean™ range– that comes in more than 2,000 tinting colours – helps walls stay vibrant and fresh-looking for longer.

Watch the New and Improved Dulux EasyClean™ range video:

*Resists & repels most liquid stains eg. water, soft drinks, fruit juices, dark soy sauce, tomato sauce, chili sauce, yoghurt, ice-cream and stains like chalk, dust and mud.

**Only available in Dulux EasyClean™ Plus.

Discover a brand new exciting world with the new Dulux EasyCleanTM Plus Far Away Places kit, which allows you to totally transform your kid’s space into a place that’s absolutely magical.

Transform your child’s walls into an amazing City of Heroes or turn it into a delightful undersea adventure. Come visit Dulux Far Away Places website to explore eight magical worlds with our story maker, and create fantastical places with stickers and scenes with your little ones.

You will also find 8 different design ideas for your kids’ rooms based on fun theme palettes. To top it off, there are plenty of videos for you to get more ideas and inspiration to make your children’s rooms the best they can be.

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