Embrace the appeal of eau de Nil

This ethereal blue-green is eternally chic and brilliantly versatile.

Water of the Nile

Picture yourself as a fashionable traveler in the Victorian era, enjoying an exotic cruise down Egypt’s River Nile. It may seem hard to believe now but back then, the shimmering water of the Nile was a beautiful pale blue-green that the locals called ‘eu de Nil’, literally translated as ‘water of the Nile’. This pale, delicate colour became hugely popular in the late 19th century, especially in the glamorous Art Deco era.

Old world glamour

The image conjured up by eau de Nil is of tranquil evenings spent sailing exotic waters in faraway lands. Recreate this dreamy mood in your own home by teaming eau de Nil with creamy whites, such as ivory and calico, and chalky blues. Subtle enough to be used to paint an entire room, this hue is perfect for creating a feeling of calm in bedrooms, sitting rooms and nurseries. Add accents of darker blues and greens if you prefer a bolder look, or combine with copper, mustard or even a deep pink to create a more classic atmosphere.

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