Designing with Personality

Award-winning architect Ashiesh Shah explains how to get creative with your walls.

If you have a large empty wall space in your home and you’re worried about how to fill it up, don’t be—it’s the perfect canvas for some creative expression.

Take advantage of it and add some personality to the space: from creative shelves, and paintings to wallpaper, photographs and even video projection, there’s an endless list of ideas you can implement.

Here are just a few to help you transform any space.

Video Projection

One of the most innovative ways to play with an empty wall space these days is video art work. It’s relatively easy to install, it’s cost effective and you can constantly change what you project to keep things fresh.

Playing with how the projector is installed can create a wide range of effects. Video art is a great way to bring another dimension to a space and adds an element of intrigue and innovation.

A well concealed projector adds motion to an otherwise still canvas painting. The projector throws shafts of light onto the canvas making it seem as if the subject of each painting has come to life. 

Moss Walls

The newest trend in biophilic interiors is a miniature landscape of moss and lichen. Mimicking the natural beauty of the outdoors and bringing it within, it’s the perfect way to bring life and colour to an empty wall. 

While most preserved walls require a certain amount of maintenance, it’s well worth the effort. The moss preserves best when it isn’t in contact with direct sunlight so this could be an excellent option for a large wall in a windowless space. 

Painter’s Tape

If you’re feeling creative and want to try something different, grab some painter’s tape and create your own graphic pattern on the wall. The best part is that you could change this anytime.

Pick a suitable colour—the new Dulux Ambience collections are a great place to start. Design an interesting pattern: it’s easiest to play around with basic geometric shapes and then pick colours that work best for your space.

Dulux also has paints with really interesting textures and effects and it’s worth giving these a try as opposed to a flat colour. Add a minimal painting or play around with mirrors to complete the look.

Creative Shelves

A large empty wall is the perfect spot to add a shelving unit. Fill the unit up with books, art objects, plants, photographs or interesting objects you’ve been collecting. Pick a neutral grey like Dulux’s Shaded ice or Marble Pebble for the wall and add a shelving unit in front of it.

Refer to magazines or interior blogs for inspiration on how to style the shelves. There are a lot of fantastic shelves available out there. If the wall in question is relatively small and a shelf doesn’t feel like the right option, try a minimal console table instead—you can style it with objects and books. 

Design with personality with Dulux Ambiance special effects paints. Choose from Linen, Marble, Metallic, Velvet or ColourMotion finishes. #MyFutureWall is a Dulux Ambiance wall.


Architect Ashiesh Shah runs his own design firm in India. He was named Elle Décor Designer of the Year in 2016 and has been recognized as one of India’s top 50 architects by Architectural Digest for four consecutive years.

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