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Changing Lives with Colour - Decades of Community Charity Fundraising with Dulux

At Dulux, our mission is to bring colour to every part of life. All across the world, in every walk of life, we strive to make things just a little brighter, every day.

We’re proud to stand for strong corporate social responsibility. Since our very beginning, we’ve worked to uplift and revive communities, globally and here in the UK. There’s no denying the powerful impact that colour can have on people’s lives, and we want to keep making a meaningful difference. For example, we’re gifting profits from every sale of our new Anniversary Book to support nominated charities including the Outward Bound Trust, Rainy Day Trust, and Old English Sheepdog Rescue.

Read on to learn more about some of our proudest charity fundraising and community outreach achievements, how to get your hands on our new Anniversary Book, and how you can lend a hand.


Colouring the whole UK

For 25 years, we’ve proudly supported Community RePaint, helping to create everything from rainbow-bright murals, brilliant classrooms, or dementia friendly colour schemes. Together, we repurpose and donate 85,000 litres of paint to local organisations and charities who need it most, every single year.

Time spent enjoying all that the planet has to offer has never been more valuable, which is why we help to sponsor uplifting, exciting outdoor experiences. Since 2012, we’ve also added a different kind of colour to people’s lives with the Outward Bound Trust, an educational charity where young disadvantaged people can realise their full, true-colour potential.

Not to mention our work with The London Revolution bike ride, The Colour Run, the Rainy Day Trust, and many, many more.

london revolution bike ride

The Let’s Colour Initiative 

Across the world, colour and paint plays an important role in regeneration and rebuilding efforts - continuing our proud 90-year history for new generations, and creating spaces for young people to work, rest and play.

Through our Let’s Colour initiative, we’re not just helping transform the UK - we’ve taken our efforts across the globe, repainting 20 schools in China, helping to rebuild in Nepal after the devastating 2015 earthquake, injecting colour into classrooms in Belgium, and lots more.

The list goes on and on - so if you’d like to learn more, check out our article about Let’s Colour here

lets colour

A brand mascot that truly means something

Our lovable Dulux dog is so much more than just a mascot. For over 40 years, we’ve helped to raise funds for the Old English Sheepdog Rescue. The aim of the rescue is to provide shelter, care, love and affection, medical treatment and re-homing, where possible for Old English Sheepdogs in need.

dulux dog

90 years of colouring lives

If you’d like to learn more about our rich and colourful history, our new Anniversary Book would make a beautiful addition to your coffee table, or the perfect gift for a loved one. It covers everything you need to know about retro interior design, from the 1930s until today, in 200 glossy pages.

And again, and most importantly, profits from every sale will go to support nominated charities from our Let’s Colour initiative - including the Outward Bound Trust, Rainy Day Trust, and Old English Sheepdog Rescue.

Order your copy of the Anniversary Book for only £45 and help support vital charity work.

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