Creating an original effect with pale lavender and soft grey

Blend purple and grey create a moody atmosphere.

A unique combination of pale lavender and soft grey can create a charming and original vibe in any room. Try the art of blending these colours to create a welcoming and open atmosphere.


Pale Lavender and Soft Grey

Lavender reminds the calmness of a field in bloom. This colour adds a sense of peacefulness to the room, making you want to relax and feel at ease.

While soft grey is like a good friend that adds a calm feeling to the mix. The soft grey contrasts nicely with the lavender, making the room look even more beautiful.

Lavender wall colour

Blending Colors on Your Walls

When it comes to blending colours like pale lavender and soft grey on your walls, there are several creative techniques you can try:

  1. Artistic Brushstrokes: Apply soft grey paint with deliberate strokes over a pale lavender base for an organic and artistic blend.

  2. Gradient Layering: Gradually transition from lavender to grey by blending the colours along the border for a subtle gradient effect

  3. Sponge Painting: Use a sponge to apply soft grey paint over pale lavender, creating a textured appearance resembling natural stone.

  4. Stippling Mastery: Dab soft grey dots onto a pale lavender base using a stippling brush or sponge, achieving a nuanced watercolour-like blend.

To apply the calming mix of light purple and soft grey shades  into your space choose the technique that speaks to you.


Adding a Splash of Lively Green

While you enjoy the peaceful feeling of pale lavender and soft grey, get ready for a surprise – bright green accents! Think of cushions, artwork, or decorations in this vibrant green colour. It adds a burst of energy to the room. The green stands out against the calm lavender and grey, making the room come alive.

bright colour wall

Making an Open Space Feel Unique

Consider adding a comfortable grey sofa with bright green throw pillows to a room that features pale lavender and soft grey walls. Additionally, scattering white and grey decor items of your choice throughout the space will create a cosy and warm atmosphere. Whether it's your living room or dining area, this combination makes the room feel special and inviting.


Finding the Right Balance

Balancing colours is like making a beautiful painting. Think of pale lavender and soft grey as the base, creating a calm background for the lively green accents. When you put these three colours together, the room looks nice and makes you feel good.

Whether it's an open-plan living area, a cosy reading nook, or an inviting dining space, the combination of these colours adds personality to your home.

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