Best Home Paint Color Combinations

Best Home Paint Color Combinations for this Year


New year, new house paint color. If you are considering changing the look of your home, you are reading the right article! 

Changing the color of the wall paint is not something that can be underestimated. The reason is the wrong color combination of wall paint can damage the aesthetics of your home.

To help you avoid messy combinations, we will recommend the 5 best house paint color combinations for this year.


Cherry Red with Copper Accents

The first wall paint color combination that you can try is a cherry red color combination with a coppery golden brown color.

Using cherry red on the walls of the room, balanced with golden brown accesses, can create a luxurious and elegant space. This combination is perfect for a private lounge to enjoy a cup of tea or read your favorite book.


Creamy Orange and Dark Emerald

Combining pale orange or creamy orange with deep emerald hues can give a room a natural and lively feel. This color combination can also be found naturally in an oasis in the middle of the desert. You can try this wall paint color combination for your bedroom and family room.


Mustard Yellow and Sapphire Blue

The combination of these two contrasting colors will make your home filled with striking colors. With a room that is bright and looks colorful, you can create a room atmosphere that's perfect for relaxing after dinner or for the kids to study and do their homework.

Mustard yellows and sapphire blues can also make a very elegant room if you add white accents to your furniture and wall decorations.


Royal Blue and Orchid Purple

The color of the royal blue and the purple of the orchid basically doesn't mix well, because of their equally striking properties. But that's why you must try this house paint color combination. An interior designer named Charlotte Barnes argues that these two colors do not match each other, but when placed in a room, the results look good.


Mint and Mahogany

The combination of mint and mahogany is a great choice if you are craving a new look for your kitchen. This color combination will refresh the look of your kitchen with bright and cheerful colors offset by the muted and elegant colors of mahogany.

For color settings, you can use mint color on the walls, table legs, and kitchen cabinets. You can apply mahogany color to chairs, tables, and knick-knacks in your kitchen.


Teal and Dark Chocolate

If you want to create a room that is luxurious, colorful and elegant, this combination is a must-try. Contrasting teal and brown colors will give a room a modern and comfortable impression.

You can use teal color for the walls and ceiling of the room, and glossy dark brown color on the furniture in the room. If you add tiled floors with bright colors like white or cream, your room will be filled with light reflections that add a luxurious impression.

This color combination is also very suitable for use in modern kitchens that have various silver furniture. This is because the silver color reflects light, thus adding elegance and comfort to the room.

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