Inspiration for Your Minimalist Home

Inspiration for Your Minimalist Home


A beautiful minimalist house is the dream of most people in Indonesia, maybe you are one of them. Of course, succeeding in designing and owning a home to your liking is pride and happiness. If you have a desire to build a minimalist home and lifestyle, then this design inspiration will help you.


What is a minimalist house?

Minimalist architecture is a building design that aims to achieve high functionality with simplicity - simplicity in terms of space, materials, colors, shapes, and details.

Then, what needs to be considered in a minimalist house? Check out the following design inspiration.


Prioritize Simple Forms and Functions

A minimalist home should have a simple but efficient design by maximizing the available space.

The simplicity of this design will help you in creating a beautiful home that is clean, spacious and useful.

Minimalism means not showing off a lot of things openly, but that doesn't mean you can't have a lot of stuff. In achieving this, you can use a closed storage solution for your things.

Apart from prioritizing functionality, the simplicity of form can also be a positive thing in helping you choose furniture and make repairs in the long run.


Walls and Furniture with Simple Colors

Choosing simple wall paint patterns and colors can enhance the beauty of a house with a minimalist style. Simple paint color choices can highlight the architecture and materials used in parts of your home.

The concept of a minimalist home interior is: the simpler, the better. The spaces in a minimalist home should be simple in color and not have a pattern that is too prominent. You need to consider what color combinations will be in the room.


Provide a Clean, Open, and Glowing Room

A minimalist house is generally synonymous with open space with direct access to sunlight. You can apply this concept to several main rooms in your minimalist home to increase the clean and aesthetic impression.

Use furniture and wall paint colors that reflect light such as white and yellow in spaces that receive lots of sunlight. This will make the room brighter and reduce the need for electric lights during the day.


Use Personal Touch

A minimalist house doesn't need to lose the personal touch of its owner. Most of the best minimalist homes always reflect the taste of the owner or designer in carrying out daily activities in them.

You can personalize your designs, furniture layouts, paint colors, and so on. In essence, a minimalist house still has to accommodate you in carrying out your daily life.

You also need to have items that suit your personal taste so that you feel more at home in your minimalist home, such as wall displays and photos, or personal collections that you have collected so far.


Choose Simple and Quality Furniture

To emphasize the clean and spacious impression of your minimalist home, choose furniture with simple surfaces and patterns. This aims to reduce the impression of clutter so that you can relax more while at home.

In addition to the choice of furniture, you must also be disciplined in placing objects around you. To have a minimalist home that is always beautiful, you have to make sure there are no books scattered on the table, dirty dishes piled up in the kitchen, and other things that can reduce the tidiness of the room.


Hopefully the design inspiration this time can help you achieve your dream minimalist home design.

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