Be on trend with bold patterns

Create a striking marble design using soft pastels.

Pattern play

This beautiful marbled effect picks up on two current decoration trends: marbling and layering. Here, the clusters of mauves and yellows create a modern interpretation of classic marble surfaces, without obviously imitating the real thing. The layers of clashing colours helps to create a sense of depth.

Statement piece

To create a similar look, you’ll need to put down the measuring tape – this trend is all about embracing a personalised hand-drawn effect. You’ll find that your eye is drawn to the movement of the pattern and the way the colours flow into each other.

Colour clash

Try pairing mauve, honey and lemon yellow with deep hues, such as charcoal grey or indigo ink, and matching it with accessories in candy pink and duck egg blue.

For a different take, replace the pastel accessories with simple, dark wood furniture – this will help to ground the overall scheme and give it a grown-up feel.

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