Be dazzled by golden autumn hues

Nature’s autumnal display of leafy colour is a seasonal spectacle.

After the glorious greens of summer, the leaves of trees and shrubs start to become golden, heralding an intense crescendo of colour. You can’t help but be dazzled by the variety of yellows, reds, oranges and golds, a display that’s especially legendary in New England, North America. But have you ever stopped to wonder what makes the leaves turn from green to gold?

It’s all caused by a reaction in the foliage to the diminishing sunlight. The chlorophyll in the leaves breaks down to reveal the carotenoids hidden beneath, stripping away the green and colouring the leaves all kinds of vibrant shades.

If autumnal shades make your heart sing, look to golden hues like honey, pumpkin, marigold, auburn and copper. Try recreating this colour combination at home by pairing golden yellows and oranges in varying shades or add a sophisticated warm neutral, like mocha or cinnamon, to balance out the vibrancy of the gold.

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