7 Walls You’ll Want

When it comes to creating your own feature wall, take some inspiration from these ingenious designs.

Versatile yet visually powerful, feature walls can effectively anchor a strong design statement at home. No matter if it’s the living room, dining hall, bedroom or even the bathroom, feature walls can give any space its own unique personality. Get inspired by these very creative feature walls that aren’t just pretty to look at, they are pretty functional too.

Large scale feature walls offer plenty of opportunity to show off your precious art pieces. However, it does take good design sense to make sure pieces are placed in harmony. 

Interior design and photo by: Paul+Pris

To cover the double-volume wall in the living room of this bungalow, the owners have chosen a gallery-like feature wall to enliven the space. Adopting a minimalist look, the wall accommodates one treasured painting and just a few favourite vases acquired from their travels. The remaining mismatched picture frames are left intentionally blank. The interplay between light and dark, negative and positive space, all help to create balance and add proportion to the wall.


For homes where there’s no real delineation between the dining and living areas, the surrounding walls play an important role in ensuring design coherence. A feature wall can mark the two spaces as distinct, yet ensure the aesthetic of continuity. 

Interior design and photo by: Metrics Global

Take this dining hall: The feature wall has been meticulously hand-painted with a special effect that gives the surface its deep lustre and shimmering effect. The designers further enhance the decor by affixing a series of custom-made hexagonal pieces to the wall, which serve as wine holders. Functional, yet decorative.


If you have a space at home that you don't quite know what to do with, how about turning it into a cosy corner? All you need is your favourite chair or couch, an attractive feature wall and you are good to go. 

Interior design and photo by: Dulux

A feature wall is used in this cosy nook to pull together a comfy yet good-looking space for chilling out. Anchored by a solid teak daybed brimming with bright and colourful pillows, this space instantly draws you in with the vibrant circular shapes painted on the wall. The white panelling and floor lamp also offer a touch a contrast to emphasise the chic décor theme. 


For homes that have a dominant neutral theme, feature walls painted in bold tones can help to inject a significant wow factor to the interior.  

Interior design and photo by: Make Room

Painted in solid green, the feature wall next to the dining table creates depth in this light and airy home while offering a designated space for the owners to show off their artwork. Along with the clean lines of the furniture, this feature wall also infuses just the right pop of colour to uplift the home's serene atmosphere.  


Bedrooms definitely benefit from having an attractive headboard as it can help to create a strong focal point in your sleeping spaces. If you want to keep it simple, a feature wall is the simplest way to go about it. 

Interior design and photo by: Dulux

In this bedroom, the wall behind the bed takes on a sleek grey tone enhanced with a special textural effect. To double the visual impact, the wall also features a nook for displaying a selection of decorative objects. These decorative treatments add dimension to the space while accentuating the contemporary ambience of the room.


Ever wonder if feature walls can work in kitchens? Yes, they do, just make sure they work well with the kitchen’s style and materials. 

Interior design and photo by: Make Room

For this apartment, the wall that connects the kitchen to the adjacent dining and living spaces is given a modern industrial touch to complement the sleek black countertops next to it. Open shelves are also installed, creating a lightweight decorative centrepiece that also serves as an eye-catching focal point when viewed from the living and dining rooms. 


The quickest way to create a strong feature wall is to use artwork. This time, however, you can do it a little differently. Instead of using paintings, try framing up different shades of wall colours next to each other— you’d be surprised by the result.    

Interior design and photo by: Dulux

It’s interesting how the contrasting and complementary colours painted on the walls of this living area are ‘boxed up’ in neat little frames, creating artistic panels in different hues. Complementing the various shades of purples, bright yellow is used as an accent colour to lead the eyes towards the centre of the room.

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