Bright Outdoor Paint Colors

Bright Outdoor Paint Colors

The exterior color of your home is one of the most important things that can change how your home is viewed by neighbors and others. Most of the houses around you must have a plain, boring white color. By choosing a bright exterior paint color, you can attract people's attention with your home that is unique and different from the others.

Ivory White, White, and Navy Blue

This combination of exterior house paint colors is perfect for use in homes that have a symmetrical design. The combination of these three colors will let your home exude a sense of formality and elegance with a touch of brightness. This outdoor paint color will look more elegant if it is surrounded by a flowering garden and shady trees around it.

Gray, White and Beige

To give a little liveliness to the exterior of the house, you can add gray and beige tones to the white walls. Indeed, white is the best option for creating bright exterior house paint. However, the white color has been very often used by other houses. Additional gray and beige accessories will make your home look more attractive and attracting attention.

Black, White and Mediterranean Blue

If you want a house paint color that is striking and elegant, use a combination of Mediterranean blue and black with white as the base color for the walls. The combination of these three colors will give your home a bold impression.

With a little yellow accent from your patio or courtyard light, your home will look very luxurious and inviting in the evening and night.

Yellow, White and Black

One of the best paint choices that can grab attention is to use colors that contrast one another. The color combination of yellow, white, and black can create an eccentric home exterior that will stand out from the rest of the houses in your neighborhood.

Mocha, Navy Blue, and Pale Blue

In addition to the combination above, mocha brown, navy blue, and pale blue can also be bright and inviting color choices for your home. This combination will radiate bright colors with a calm and harmonious tone. Pale blues and navy blues will be eye-catching colors and will make your home stand out from the crowd. Meanwhile, the mocha brown acts as a color giver so that your house doesn't seem monotonous.

White, Gray and Black

White is one of the most commonly used colors for exterior house paint. However, using white alone will not give a special impression to your home. Combine white with shades of gray and a bit of black for a clean, light-colored, but not boring home. Gray and black accents on a white base are also the right choice if you want a home that is unique, but not too flashy.

Navy Blue, White and Red

A combination of navy blue, white, and red warrants can be a great color choice to create a striking exterior that attracts a lot of attention. This color combination will look very different when compared to most of the house colors around you. The navy blue color which contrasts sharply with the red color will also add a bold and cheerful impression to the exterior of your home. In addition, the blue color of the sea that represents calm can also offset the red color which is full of energy.

Hopefully the design inspiration this time can help you decide on a bright, striking, and eye-catching exterior paint color.

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