6 tips to create the perfect bedroom workspace

Make the most of space in your new home by creating a multifunctional bedroom with a work area.

Mobile technology gives us the flexibility to stay connected anywhere. This makes it easy to carve out a space at home to work, that’s both comfortable and motivating.

1. Setting the scene

When you’re creating a new bedroom workspace, think about colours that will help you effortlessly switch from play to work mode. For example, blue with a hint of grey or an earthy orange can both create an atmosphere for focus.

Some people find that good lighting and a view helps them concentrate and generate ideas. So consider setting your workspace near a window and adorning your desk with a stylish lamp. Alternatively, if you feel like the room needs extra help with lighting, try using our Light & Space paint that makes a room feel brighter and more spacious.

Using a graphic shape to create a work zone
Graphic shape work zone

2. Zoning out

If your new bedroom walls have a neutral tone and you’d like to quickly create the perfect workspace, try painting a graphic shape using a bold colour to define a distinct spot. This will help separate your focus zone from the rest of the room.

Which colours?

Golden Garland – Dulux 40YY 34/446

Pebble Sea  – Dulux 46YY 53/062

Compact bedroom workspace
Bedroom workspace

3. Seamlessly integrated

Design a workspace you can easily hide away by choosing furniture that compliments your chosen palette and existing furniture. Using warm neutral colours for this subtle solution will create an understated elegant look.

Which colours?

Snowfield – Dulux 00NN 72/000

Mini workstation for your bedroom
Mini workstation

4. Making the most of small spaces

When tight on space, it’s important to make the most of every little corner of your rooms. So choose a relaxing palette for your bedroom like warm neutrals with yellow accents and try getting your hands on furniture with a pull out work area. You don’t always need a dedicated desk to create a stimulating work zone!

To avoid any clutter, install shelves that take advantage of wall space and work perfectly to hide away paperwork and laptops.

Which colours?

Grey Mountain – Dulux 40YY 25/074

Golden Garland – Dulux 40YY 34/446

Restore old furniture to create a workspace
Restore old furniture

5. Re-use old furniture

You can create your workstation on a budget by restoring an old table and chair and painting them in the same colour palette as your bedroom. This will not only create a distinguished space for working but will also bring some continuity to the room.

Which colours?

Floral Twist – Dulux 10RR 75/039

Plum Jam – Dulux 72RR 07/173

Children’s study area in shades of green
Children’s study area

6. Homework time

A child’s bedroom is a space that can enhance their development, encourage their creativity and where they can get plenty of sleep. It’s worth planning a colour scheme that won’t outgrow your child. So start with a neutral background and then create a fun and stimulating area in your child’s bedroom for homework and other activities by decorating it in vibrant oranges or greens.

Which colours?

Lakeview – Dulux 30BG 64/140

Magnificient Melon – Dulux 92YY 59/547

Take a look at our painting hacks to make decorating your new house as quick and easy as possible.

Disclaimer: Colour shown in the image may vary from actual paint colour due to lighting in photography. Please refer to Dulux Fan Deck at the retail outlets for more accurate colours.

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