6 easy painting tips for when you’re decorating your new home

Whether you’ve just moved or you’re looking to refresh your home, we’ve got some top tips from the professionals that will make your painting project run smoothly.

1. A clean paint tray

Save on washing up time by lining your paint tray with foil or clingfilm before painting. When you’re finished, simply remove the foil or plastic, let the paint dry and throw it in the bin. 

2. Use your empty boxes

Before you recycle your boxes, why not try flattening them to use as floor covering when you’re decorating? Cardboard is a great alternative to plastic as it’s less slippery, and is more practical than fabric as any spillages will find it difficult to seep through. 

3. Fuzz-free rollers

New and pre-used rollers can often have loose fluff sitting on the surface. To avoid your roller shedding all over the paint as you roll it on, wipe it with a self-adhesive lint roller to remove the fuzz. 

4. Storing brushes

If your paint project is spread over a few days, we’ve got the perfect solution to keep your brushes and rollers moist to save you washing them twice. Wrap their heads in cling film or in a plastic bag and then simply seal around the handles with masking tape or an elastic band and store in a dry place. 

5. Avoid mess

To avoid dripping on the side of your paint can, place an elastic band over top of it, so you can wipe your brush on the band each time you apply new paint to your brush. 

6. Paint by letters

If you’re painting a large space with a roller, the perfect technique is to paint a ‘W’ on the wall and then fill it in with an ‘M’ without lifting the roller. This ensures an even coverage and a consistent pattern to follow as you work your way round your room. 

Download a print-friendly version of the paint tips 

Now that you’ve got these clever painting tips up your sleeve, get creative and take a look at our guide to making your mark on your new home with our playful paint motifs.

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