5 paint ideas for floors and stairs

Hallway looking a little unloved? Want to give your stairs a quick update? Mini-makeovers with maximum impact are easy

Make a statement

Revamp your staircase and create a stylish walkway with a monochrome color palette. Using jet black for the stairs gives you a dramatic and timeless look, while keeping the walls a fresh white will maximize the impact. Black will hide any scuff marks and give you an elegant staircase that will impress! Try to keep the area free from clutter so that the eye is drawn to the clean lines.

Which colors?

ON.00.10 / 00NN 05/000
ON.00.90 / 81YR 85/004

Draw attention in grey

Dark grey hallway floor with white walls

Quickly and easily add interest to the hallway by using unexpectedly dark tones on the flooring. Grey hues can transform unloved spaces, so they’re a perfect way to instantly refresh. Try using a dark charcoal along the hallway – it will draw the eye down and elongate the space. Keeping the hallway decorations to a minimum maintains the flow, so experiment with a delicate side table and a minimalist coat hook. 

Which colors?

RN.01.38 / 30BB 16/031
ON.00.90 / 81YR 85/004

Get creative with color

White staircase with bright green steps

Be bold and play with vivid tones on the front of your stairway. For a fresh and modern look, vibrant green is a fun way to update your stairs. The color will brighten up an area that is often overlooked and is an easy way to update the space. As the light changes, the tones will look different throughout the day.

Which colors?

H1.20.70 / 90YY 54/254
GN.01.89 / 83YY 88/033

Get lavish with stairways

Blue staircase with white walls

If you’re looking for a sumptuously different staircase, a coat of paint can transform your space. A dark blue tone is a quick way to turn a neutral area into an opulent feature. The luxurious color stands out best when contrasted with white walls, railings and furniture, so the focus is kept on the staircase. Decorate with simple, white ornaments for a staircase that wouldn’t look out of place in a boutique hotel.

Which colors?

T1.23.25 / 27BB 10/138
ON.00.90 / 81YR 85/004

The modern pastel

Wooden desk on white painted flooring

Create a calming place to focus and study by painting the floor white. The color will reflect light, making even the smallest room feel bright and airy. White flooring gives the perfect backdrop to your furniture, so you can experiment by decorating using soft greens, pinks and creams. Layering pastel tones in the furniture and ornaments gives you a playfully modern space to enjoy.

Which colors?

ON.00.90 / 81YR 85/004

Take a look at how quick, easy and simple it is to give your floors or stairs a makeover. 

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