5 ideas for creating classy wall panels

Not sure how to make the most of wall panels in your home? Give your paneling a quick and easy makeover that will wow

Impress with neutrals

Transform your room or hallway into a welcoming space and refresh your wall panels with a touch of color. For a contemporary feel, try a taupe and offset it with different textures such as natural wooden flooring. Painting the skirting boards in white creates contrast and shows off the color of your makeover. To soften, decorate with small pot plants and artwork that complements the natural greens of your foliage. Try to keep clutter to a minimum to maintain this modern, minimalist look.

Which colors?

DN.01.71 / 60YR 54/028

Refreshing whites

White paneled bedroom

Instantly update tired wooden paneling by painting it white. This will create a light and airy space that feels tranquil and calm, ideal for a bedroom. By picking out architectural details such as beams and skirting boards in darker colors, you’ll add interest to the room. You can layer cushions and throw in soft, natural tones to add depth and maximize the effect of your painted walls.

Which colors?

GN.01.89 / 83YY 88/033

Get creative with blues  

Light blue paneling and shelving with ornaments

If you’re on the hunt for a fun yet practical idea, why not try painting a wall of paneling and shelving in one color to make a display area? A serene grey blue gives the feature a nautical feel, while accessories in natural shapes and materials emphasize the theme. It’s the perfect way to display treasures picked up on trips to the beach and to remind you of sunny days out.

Which colors?

LN.01.82 / 10GG 72/022

Go bold with your paneling

Yellow paneling with pink bedding and a wooden bedside table

Get experimental and introduce bold colors to your wooden paneling. Try painting with golden tones for a stylish look that’s easy to achieve and gives a feeling of luxurious comfort. Layering complementary tones, such as light pinks and greys, in the bedding and accessories creates a cozy ambiance. And with this color, there’s no need to have a headboard! Let your colors do the talking.

Which colors?

F4.54.66 / 30YY 46/608

Dramatic design with contrast   

Crimson paneling with a wooden bench and flooring

If you’re feeling adventurous, unleash your creative side and energize the space with a fiery crimson - this vibrant red is the perfect way to liven up a room. You can tame this passionate color with complementary wooden furniture and flooring. Woven baskets and relaxed cotton soft furnishings will give this look a homely feel.

Which colors?

B9.50.36 / 10YR 15/500
ON.00.90 / 81YR 85/004

Need some help with transforming your wall panels? Watch our how-to video to see how quick and easy it is.

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