4 brilliant boys’ bedroom ideas

Find out how to give your boy’s bedroom an inspiring new look with one of our fun themes

Decorating your boy’s room? Go bold. By using simple taping techniques, geometric patterns and stencils, together with vibrant a colour palette, you can create an energetic and inspiring space he’ll love.

Tones that take the wheel

Whether racing around the track or transporting their toys, boys just can’t get enough of cars. Using a combination of fresh, energetic colours and some stylish stencils, you can craft a roadside across your child’s wall. Make way for a bedroom that drives you from A to B.

Which paints?

Jungle Vine   50GY 51/437
Inland Waters   90BG 16/060
Winter Hills   50RB 83/005
Apricot Nectar   36YY 66/349
Lake Crest   50BG 55/241

We put our EasyClean range of paints with innovative stain repellent technology to the test. See how it did here. Perfect for kids’ bedrooms!

A mini adventure

See how simple it is to create an adventure-themed bedroom for your boy
Adventure theme for a boy’s bedroom

Bring the great outdoors in with this daring room idea. Using a palette of greys and yellows, mountains are created with clever use of masking tape. And for the sun? Just add string! You’ll be surprised how easy it can be to transform the corner of a room into a campsite for little explorers.

Which paints?

Obsidian Glass   00NN 13/000
Obelisk   20YY 45/114
Winter Hills   50RB 83/005
Stratosphere   40YY 73/028
Lemon zest   46YY 74/602

Stunning in simple colours

Use a simple colour scheme to create a unique and bold look for your boy’s room
Boy’s bedroom in bright colours

Don’t want to commit to a specific theme? You can create a cool new look in your boy’s room by simply using bold, bright colours. Try painting the walls in vibrant blues or lime greens, then decorate a desk or liven-up shelves with a splash of a complementary shade. It’s an easy way to a bedroom that’s fun, energetic and totally unique.

Interested in trying classic colours with a twist? See our ideas on using favourite colours in kid’s rooms.

Which paints?

Wildflower Wind   50BG 72/170
Bonar Blue   10BG 54/199
Leapfrog   10GY 61/449

A hero in hues

Creating a superhero theme is a fun and easy way to decorate your boy’s bedroom
Superhero themed boy’s room

It’s time to save the day with this super bedroom idea. A backdrop of deep sky blue, black buildings and pops of bright yellow creates a brilliant city skyline. So whether they’re swinging from building to building or soaring through the city skies, this room is a perfect space for boys to save the day.

Which paints?

Azure Afternoon   89BG 37/353
Dark Secret   00NN 05/000
Citron Ice   53YY 83/348
Snowfield   00NN 72/000

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