5 glamorous bedrooms on a budget

Sleep in style with these indulgent but affordable bedroom color schemes.

You don’t need to spend a fortune on designer furniture and lavish fabrics to create a boutique hotel-style bedroom scheme. A bit of paint can be all it takes to transform a bedroom into a glamorous retreat.

1. Jewel tones

Jewel tones add a sense of exotic decadence to a scheme. Use them on walls in matt finishes for a beautiful, soft effect, or go for gloss on a dressing table or chair to create show stopping statement pieces.

Which colors?

Q1.31.49 / 25BG 26/253
S9.30.40 / 15BB 19/227
GN.01.88 / 83YY 88/033

2. Midnight blue

Bedroom with diagonal blue stripes

Take your cue from the night sky and paint your walls in a dark blue for a mysterious bedroom scheme that’s also inviting and cozy. Team with shiny metal accessories to bounce light around the room and add to the glamorous feel.

Which colors?

T2.43.44 / 27BB 21/366
T1.23.25 / 27BB 10/138

3. Sophisticated silver

Bedroom with silver stripes

Pale, silvery tones give an elegant, grown-up feel and can be paired with almost any other color. Paint the wall behind your bed in light stripes for a chic and elegant look.

Which colors?

E7.05.80 / 08YY 72/077
R7.04.78 / 61BG 68/049
ZN.02.73 / 40RR 57/045

4. Deep red

Red and pink bedroom

Red injects instant drama into a room. In a bedroom, it’s a good idea to go for deep, berry tones which are subdued enough to be restful but rich enough to make an impact. Combine with candy pink to brighten up the space and add a bit of fun.

Which colors?

A0.05.75 / 60RR 62/086
Z9.19.12 / 52RR 06/105

Top tip

Team white bed linen with plush throws and velvet cushions for an affordable boutique hotel-style finishing touch.

5. Modern monochrome

Monochrome bedroom

Black and white look effortlessly edgy when used together. Combine them with a touch of grey for a chic look.

If you’re feeling experimental, try these colors in stripes or an ombre effect fading from black to white to give your scheme cutting-edge appeal. 

Which colors?

SN.02.77 / 84BG 66/028
SN.02.58 / 12BB 35/025

Not sure which shade will suit your space? Use our Visualizer app to experiment with different colors and instantly see how they could look on your wall.

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