Dark color ideas for your home

Be daring with our top color picks for darker shades that will give your home some serious sophistication.

Dark colors are an easy and affordable way to create a stylish feel to your home, particularly if you’re painting an accent wall. Check out our favorite shades to help you get the look.


Vibrant and alluring, this rich shade of purple is more versatile than you may think. An amethyst wall will add instant passion to your scheme, and works really well in larger spaces, such as open plan kitchens and dining rooms. Team with complimentary colors like copper or moss green and rustic wooden furniture for a striking effect.

For a tough and durable finish that will last, use our grease and stain resistant kitchen paint.

Which colors?

U3.15.11 / 66BB 06/077
U6.27.18 / 67BB 09/166
T1.23.25 / 27BB 10/138

Deepest red

Red feature wall in an office space

A deep shade of red will deliver plenty of drama to your home, so it’s best to use in moderation. Pair with crisp white walls, tones of grey or white furniture for a romantic, elegant feel.

Which colors?

C3.46.30 / 21YR 13/383
ON.00.76 / 88BG 62/005

Stormy grey

Grey bedroom

Dark grey is a quick way to make any space feel instantly more luxurious. As a recessive color, grey doesn’t draw the eye making it a perfect alternative to white or cream for a neutral backdrop, and the ideal choice for a bedroom.

Which colors?

RN.01.38 / 03BB 17/015
FN.02.82 / 27YY 77/042

Emerald green

Emerald green hallway

Emerald is a dazzling shade that’s traditionally associated with wealth and luxury. It’s quite a show-stopper, so pair with neutrals for ultimate elegance or, if you’re feeling daring, make it pop against velvety blues and golds.

Which colors?

N8.40.21 / 87GG 08/151
GN.01.88 / 83YY 88/033

Timeless teal

Teal home office space

Containing hints of blue and green, teal is a calming color, and one that can be used liberally throughout your home. Balance the look with minty green and gentle peach for a calming effect or keep it bold and pair with mustard yellow.

Which colors?

Q2.49.25 / 31BG 10/240

If you’re a little unsure about decorating with darker shades, download our Dulux Visualizer app to your smartphone or tablet. View the wall you want to decorate on your screen, choose a shade from the Dulux palette and tap for an instant impression of how your finished room could look.

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