Paint finishes explained

Chosen your colors but need some help finding the right paint? Use our quick guide to help you pick the perfect finish for your project.

The velvety texture of matt and flat matt emulsion is most suitable for interior walls. Matt emulsion’s smooth consistency is great for disguising wall imperfections, while flat matt gives a slightly chalky finish - ideal for a contemporary look.

Emulsion helps colors remain consistent when lighting conditions change in your room, meaning that darker shades like deep-sea blue or rich eggplant work particularly well in this paint type.

Which colors?

S9.20.21 / 17BB 08/104
ON.00.90 / 81YR 85/004

White silk walls

These finishes look slightly polished and reflect light, which is perfect for paler colors. Silk is usually used on walls and satin for woodwork.

You can wipe silk wall finishes easily which makes them very practical, but if you have less-than-perfect walls, lumps and bumps may show up a bit more. Satin finish on woodwork helps to hide imperfections and gives color a softer appearance.

Which colors?

ON.00.90 / 81YR 85/004

Not as shiny as silk paint, soft sheen is a good compromise between matt and silk. Ideal for interior walls and ceilings, it provides good coverage, opacity and a gentle sheen.


Eggshell paint on kitchen walls

Eggshell has a similar finish to soft sheen but has the added benefit of being water-resistant, making it the perfect choice for kitchen and bathroom walls, as well as woodwork.

Which colors?

ON.00.76 / 88BG 62/005
T4.04.55 / 30BB 31/043


Gloss paint for woodwork

Often available in a mid-sheen and a high-sheen, which is sometimes called high gloss, this shiny and tough finish reflects lots of light and is designed for woodwork like doorframes, window frames and skirting.

Having a smooth and flawless surface is key when applying gloss paint, as any blemishes will be accentuated. A gloss surface is a lovely contrast to walls painted in matt and is also a practical solution, as you can easily wipe it clean!

Which colors?

ON.00.90 / 81YR 85/004
U3.15.11 / 66BB 06/077

Get creative with different finishes

Using different paint finishes

For a look that will wow, try a striped feature wall by using alternate matt and silk finish paints. For a subtle effect you can even use the same color but in different finishes.

Which colors?

ON.00.90 / 81YR 85/004
SN.01.85 / 06BB 79/016
GN.01.88 / 83YY 88/033

When purchasing your paint, if the store you visit has a mixing service, you can choose your favorite color in any finish, for any function, be it walls in the kitchen or woodwork in a busy hallway.

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