Wall Paint Color And Their Psychic Effects

Wall Paint Color and Their Psychic Effects


Have you ever been in your room and unconsciously relaxed, but felt tense in the office?

Maybe your bedroom paint color has a calming color, while the paint color of your office wall makes you more serious. To avoid that, let's study the meanings of colors and their psychological effects on the room to make your home feel more comfortable.


1. Red Increases Room Energy

Coloring the walls of the room with red wall paint can make the room full of energy, affection and enthusiasm. Use red for family gathering places such as: dining rooms, family rooms, and around entrances.


2. Orange Increase the Spirit of Activity

Orange is perfect for children's playrooms because it makes them more active. Your child will be more cheerful and excited about the playroom and its surroundings decorated with orange.


3. Yellow Can Brighten a Room

If you want a room to be more cheerful, cheerful, and give positive energy, choose yellow. Yellow is the first color that babies respond to. Use yellow room paint color so that the baby's room at home is more cheerful.


4. Green Makes the Room More Harmonious

Green is the color we find most in nature, so it is closely associated with life, tranquility, and peace. Use green paint for the walls of rooms where you want to feel calm, such as workspaces and reading rooms.


5. Blue Helps Unwind

Surely you have stood by the blue sea, sighing and forgetting about work problems, right? Blue color helps relieve stress and calm the mind. Use blue for your lounge.


6. Purple Sparked the Imagination

A purple room can make us more imaginative, making it suitable for creative spaces. Use purple wall paint colors in rooms that require creativity and imagination, such as drawing and workspaces.


7. Pink Shows Love

Pink can show affection, sympathy and hope. The world cancer organization uses a pink ribbon as a symbol of solidarity with breast cancer sufferers. You can use pink in the children's room, family room, bathroom and playroom.


8. Chocolate Symbolizes Protection

The color brown symbolizes integration and a sense of security and protection. When combined with white and black, your room will look modern and up to date. Try checking out the nearest modern coffee shop, surely their room has these three colors.


9. Black Describes Independence

Black is one of the most universal and safe colors for clothing. But if used for wall paint color, black is rarely chosen because it absorbs light and makes the room dark. Black can give a room an independent, modern and serious impression. Use black in the workspace to add to the seriousness of your work.


10. White is a symbol of purity

White wall paint color makes you calmer and clear your mind. Of course, these two things will have a positive impact on you. But, avoid using excess white, because it can create a lonely and isolated impression.


That's the meaning of the 10 colors and the psychic influence you can feel from each color. After knowing the psychic effect of each color, of course you can better decide which colors to use in your home.

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