Painting Color Trends This Year

Top Painting Color Trends This Year

Color Trends This Year

Every year, before we begin a makeover project at home or start creating an interior project right from the scratch, our idea is to find what’s trending and how can those aesthetics be incorporated in for us. In this list we will talk about all the trending colors and paints that can be used if you are looking to create an edgy and fashionable home. And what’s better we have incorporated almost all tastes in this list. Whether you are someone who wants to go in for neutrals or for bolder shades, or something in between; there is something for everyone. So what are we waiting for? Let’s delve into the top painting color trends of 2021!

Belgian Chocolate:

This rich, decadent brown is something you can never go wrong with! And as per the design trends of this year, it is going to be everywhere. As this goes beautifully in a minimalistic design aesthetic as well as for a client that is looking for something with a sense of inane grandeur, our shade Belgian Chocolate is supremely versatile as a color and can metamorphize into any space. 


Our shade emerald, is an exemplary jewel tone that can spruce up your living spaces this year. This bold, beautiful, and free-flowing shade adds an eclectic touch to your rooms. Its trendy, stark and complements all spaces alike. They provide an uplifting inspiration to the spaces they are a part of and add a warmth of their own.


The soft, serene tones of the shade Sherbet brings a cozy, warm, and eventful feel to your room. It reminds you of a warm and breezy stroll on the sea and the fragrance of the air. If you are looking to create a boho chic space that speaks volumes of your design ethic, then Sherbet is the way to go. The green, minty, frosty shades will complement your room and provide you your own little piece of the ocean.

Red Orange:

What is better than fresh blush colors when it comes to the color trends of 2021. It is not a surprise that the soft blush shade of Red Orange is close to the neutral shade family. It can go very well with spaces that are planning to go for a minimalistic yet feminine design ideology. 

Apple White:

Instead of stark and virgin whites, it is time we go for whites that have a warm undertone. This creates a soft, timeless and a classic feel to the room. So if you are looking for color trends of the year 2021, then Apple White should be on your radar. 

We hope that this list helps you get the answers to finding the right colors that you can work with in the year 2021. No matter what shades you are looking for, this year has trending options for all tastes and choices. There are various styles, subtleties, and design aesthetic that you can choose from and make your dream home or incorporate in your next home makeover project. 

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