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Tips to Follow While Painting Your Doors

Door Painting Tips

Any interior wizard is well aware of the fact that if you are looking to make any changes in your living spaces, the easier way to do that is to paint the doors in that room in a bold accent color. The changes in the colors of the doors will make the room instantaneously transform and appear distinctive. Here we will talk about all the essential tips and tricks that are necessary to follow while painting the doors of your room. Follow these and you will get your doors looking all fresh, sharp and glossy in no time. Let us get started and begin the transformation! 

Choose an Interior Paint for the Door:

The first is to choose the color that you want to play with. We will first go for classics like Crisp Linen, White on White, or New Divine White. When it comes to the greys, you can go for Sweet Violet, Paddlewheel Grey, or deeper shades like Inland Waters and Grey Tabby. The reason we chose whites and greys were because they are the most classic shades when it comes to painting and metamorphizing spaces. In addition to that you can paint the door and also paint the trims around it in the same shade. You can choose to color either the front door or make changes to any other door in your home to bring zest back.

Gather All Your Painting Tools:

Other than the paint of your choice, you will also need a handful of tools to get your paint job started in no time. Some of these are wood filler, sandpaper, tack cloth, painters tape, utility knife, paint brush, woven rollers and foam rollers. 

Prep Your Painting Surface:

The best tip for going in for a smooth and scot-free paint job is to prime the surface well. Great prep work always ensures a great paint job. Remove the knobs, use the painters tape and fill the wood filler in any of the places where there is a need to correct imperfections. You can then begin priming your door.

Start Painting Your Door Panels:

Your doors need to be painted in a particular when you start this job. The first is to start with the edges and the move on to the panels. Once you are done with these spaces, you can work with the vertical strips down the center. Once you complete these parts, you need to cover the horizontal rails, eventually you need to paint the vertical strips on the side. This order will help you paint your doors correctly and without room for any errors. 

You will then need to sand the surface and do the paint job over again in the same order as prescribed before. 

Once done you can re-screw your door knobs, or maybe get yourself some new ones and get started with fresh doors.

We hope that you will be able to take up painting your doors beautifully and get all the help you need to make the most of this DIY project. Get started and get creative!

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