Mistakes to Avoid While Choosing the Paint Color

Mistakes to Avoid While Choosing the Paint Color for Your Home

Choosing The Paint Color

Picking out a paint color that will dominate the shade of your wall for years, is one of the most important and lucrative decisions to take. No matter how many times you assess the swatches before choosing the paint color of your choice, you still gamble as to how that little swatch of paint will look on your big walls. Then add to that the element of light, and how that will make changes to the appearance of the paint on your walls. 

In order to spare yourself from such challenging decisions, and choosing the color that you won’t be regretting in the years to come, we will list down a list of the problems and mistakes that you can avoid. 

Do Not Be in a Rush:

It is better to take the turtle’s route and not the rabbit’s, when choosing the paint color for your walls. The ideal way is to take a few days to choose the color that will be the most appropriate for you. This is mainly because the same color looks different on a cloudy and rainy day versus that of a sunny. Therefore, it is imperative to apply multiple colors and then to assess their performance on different days and their appearance. 

Once you spend enough time with each shade, you can make your choice. 

Consider the Other Elements of the Room:

This is why we need mood boards. A color is not the only standalone item when it comes to the interiors of a room, there are various elements that come together on the same. We need to assess the other décor elements, flooring and wall accents before making the choice on the color. These will work in tandem together to give the overall feel of the room. 

Therefore, before you see and choose the color of your choice, you need to make sense of it in culmination with everything else that is going in the room. 

Placing Samples Next to One Another:

This is one of the most common mistakes people make. You would have often seen people paint stripes of different colors right next to each other on a bare wall and then comparing them. What actually ends up happening is that they distract each other’s individual character and create a visual noise, where nothing is clear. 

This makes you make the wrong choice of picking a color in the middle of this medley, that you later might or might not appreciate to its full capacity.

Ignoring the Color’s Undertone:

Even when it comes to the shade white, there are a spectrum of colors that make the bid. There are multiple undertones as well. So you will have some whites with a reddish undertone, some with yellow, some with green and some with blue. 

So when choosing the right shade of white, it is important to consider the undertone of the shade as well. This undertone determines a large part of how the light and shadow will play on the color. 

We hope that this list helps you make the right choice of the wall colors and avoid mistakes as far as you can so that you make color picks that have more longevity and life. 

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