Unavoidable wall painting ideas

Unavoidable wall painting ideas  

Wall painting ideas are a powerful design element and can create the illusion of an expensive, and spacious room. A designer approved wall paint design can also make your decor items blend nice with modern furniture and wall colours. Wall painting ideas that resonate not only with your lifestyle and emotions, but contemporary trends too can turn even your small house into a beautiful one where you would like to come back every evening. This means wall paint design has the power to influence the way you feel about your home. So here are some picturesque wall paint ideas:  

1. White

If you are a fan of the classic colonial home theme, white is the one for you. It appears staggering with wooden furniture especially if the architecture is of cottage style. White being a subtle colour doesn’t dominate other colours and standalone can make an impressive statement. However, it doesn’t let any other colour overpower it. 

2. Raisin Purple

The next colour which can execute your wall painting ideas dramatically well is the raisin purple. With earthy accents and hues, it makes a merrymaking pair and looks very happening as well as rich on the walls.

3. Cool Turquoise

Cool turquoise is the next colour on the list to pull off the rattling look of your house. It appears cool and antique on designed walls and ceilings. Inspired by the calm and light-hearted vibes, it gives a brilliant glazing texture and pattern look to the walls which reflect richness and luxury at the same time.  

4. Sky Blue 

A home should not be a formal space. Rather it should be personal. And for that what can be better than painting your space in sky blue which is a preferred choice of many international interior designers. Understated blue tones go well with purple shades as both shades when drenched corner to corner or on the half of the wall balance the washed-out effect of pastels.  

5. Neon Pink

Pink is not just limited to the girl's choice. Your house walls also love it. Neon pink on walls may sound a little overwhelming, but it appears bold, intense, and attention-grabbing. This warm and welcoming colour with white creates an unforgettable good impression.  

6. Gray-Brown

Integrating the colours which leave a deep and meaningful impact is not that easy. Use the combination of brown and grey as an opportunity if you believe in keeping things simple and elegant. Grey with the hints of brown creates a powerful impact on the walls and a cool effect on the eyes of the people as it is a warm and welcoming combination. 

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