Colours to Dazzle Your Home

Colours to Dazzle Your Home

Two or more colours formula is a hit when it comes to beautifying your home. Though single house colour looks subtle and clean, but colours in varieties and shades are much better than single bedroom colour. As attractive house colour combinations merge their aesthetics in the personality of the house, so you should choose at least two in combination for your living room or bedroom. The blog features some amazing house colour and bedroom colour concepts to give you an idea of how experts use the colour combinations: 

Ivory + Brown

Use ivory and brown. This is simply a magical combination which makes your walls look attractive and enables the vibes to lift the aura of the entire space. Ivory seems to anchor the little bold tonal effect of the brown and make your room look wider and elegant. 

Grape + Aquarium Blue

This may sound a little mischievous combination, but trust us that this pair is going to turn your ordinary-looking room into a piece of classic craft. This merry-making combination is one of the best ways to renovate a boring space and spice up the vibe while showcasing a unique character. On one hand, grape introduces smoothness and on the other blue looks rich and alluring. And to complement the overall feel with a refreshing look, club light shade furnishings with this contrast. 

Sober Pink + Grey Buck 

Worried if two light shades are going to look dull and low on the walls. Let us tell you, this is not the case if you choose sober pink with a grey buck. This neutral colour combination goes well and can turn out the best choice if grey is used in textured paint with pink on the accent wall.  

Burgundy + Beige 

Want an ideal look for your old-fashioned bedroom or do up the look of your living room? For every kind of home space, beige and burgundy are two entirely different colours of the spectrum that bring a subtle combination forth. These two in combination offer you a lot of flexibility when you choose the lighting, furniture, furnishings, and the décor of the house. 

Conclusively, colours in combination do not only create a new look of your home, but also introduce a different set of energies, illusions, creativity, and persona of the house. The more you will play with colours, the more you will fall in love with them and will come up with amazing suggestions and combinations. To explore the entire range of the spectrum, visit the official page of Dulux or talk to our experts for fresh bits of advice. 

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