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Best Colors to Choose While Planning a Gender Neutral Nursery

Baby Room Colours

Painting and designing your baby’s nursery is one of the most exciting parts of planning your child’s arrival. Gone are the days where pink and blue were the only two color schemes and thematic colors that one used to vouch for. There is so much more parental awareness and ideas that opt for gender neutral nurseries to break the stereotypes and play with more creative themes and a wider color scheme without taking the charming and innocent pieces out of the mosaic. Here are some of the most beautiful colors that you can opt for while planning a gender neutral nursery for your baby. 

Choose the Theme You Want to Stick to:

A nursery is the space where babies spend most of their time and so do their mothers. Therefore, it is imperative for it to look appealing, calming and, attractive. You could go for modern color schemes like Lavender White Satin, Maldivian Cloud, Llama White and Swiss Almond. But, make sure that you have a theme in mind set before you make the color choice. Be it beachy, wildlife, unicorn, or minimalistic. Choosing a theme lets you zero down on the other color specificities more accurately. 

Choose a Color Palette:

Now that you have a theme ready, next is to choose a color palette. This color palette will help you highlight all the colors that coordinate well with each other and are a good match. This color palette will help you decide the hues for not just the walls, but also for the artwork, accent pieces, furnishings, and upholstery that you will later incorporate in the room. This will be your starting point and a reference base at all times. 

Here are some of the best paint colors that you can opt for when choosing to create a gender neutral nursery:

Castlestone Rose: This shade is a beautiful blush neutral with a reddish undertone that can go for any thematic choice that you are making and can create the perfect blank canvas to build your nursery on. It is calming to the eyes and soft in its overall design aesthetic. 

Indian Painting: If you are looking to get the perfect cream, then the shade Indian Painting is the right fit for you. This is an earthy canvas to build a warm shaded nursery around. It can incorporate a beautiful wildlife theme nursery as its complementing elements. 

IVORY B.B 4-046: A classic and timeless shade of pale yellow that is warm, inviting and cozy to be the perfect nursery for your little one. The shade is versatile and can build whatever additional ideations you want to include to extend the room to. 

No matter the choice of theme you vouch for, planning a nursery and creating it is priceless. Afterall, it is the space where you and your little one will be making endless memories and etch your many firsts together. We hope that this nursery creation process is as special for you as the time you are going to spend with your little one!

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